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Honeybee Observation Hive

For more than 20 years, Quarry Hill's indoor hive has provided guests with an up close look at the internal operations of a real working honeybee colony. Throughout the year, you can observe the queen laying eggs, the pollen harvest and the drone's demise.

Did you know?

  • Adult honeybees are either workers, drones, or the queen. While there might be thousands of worker bees and hundreds of drone bees in a hive, there's always only one queen bee.
  • Worker bees are multi-talented, but not multi-taskers. They only do one job at a time: house cleaner, corpse removal, babysitter, queen attendant, pollen packer, temperature controller, wax maker, hive guard, or nectar collector are some of their specialties.
  • Quarry Hill's bees are free to leave the hive any time they like, and they frequently do, in the summer, to collect nectar.


Try this

  • Purchase local honey and compare the flavors. The pollen source can change the flavor dramatically.
  • Bee populations are dwindling. Plant flowers in your backyard to provide important pollen sources for honeybees.




Bees are eusocial. Eusociality is an extreme form of social behavior. Now that's what's buzzing!