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Keen eyesight, highly sensitive hearing, speed, silent flight, and crushing talons are a few of the characteristics that make birds of prey so fascinating. Quarry Hill is currently home to a Saw whet Owl, an Eastern Screech Owl and an American Kestrel. 

Did you know?

  • Raptor means 'to seize and carry'.
  • Raptors can be diurnal, day flyers, or nocturnal, night flyers, like our saw-whet owl. 
  • Although the raptors live at Quarry Hill year round, we don't own the birds. We hold a Federal Migratory Bird Special Purpose Possession Permit and, in this capacity, are able to use raptors for educational purposes and must keep detailed and accurate records.

Try This

  • Pick up a raptor ID guide at the front desk and try your luck outdoors identifying one of these soaring birds.
  • Visit the University of MN Raptor Center. Tours of The Raptor Center on the St. Paul Campus of the University of Minnesota are conducted most weekends. Fees apply.
  • Dissect an owl pellet! We sell them at the front desk.
Quarry Hill collaborates with the University of MN to collect and analyze owl DNA.