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Harry L. Buck Children's Pond

Visiting the pond is fun any season of the year. In the spring, a wave of frogs leap into the water as you approach. Take a walk across the bridge to the island where you can get a closer look at our duck nesting box to see if there are any eggs. The island also has a great view of turtles basking on a floating log. Wildlife of all kinds can be seen at the pond, from ducks to geese to muskrats, turtles, frogs and even snakes! Before you begin your adventure, try checking out a Discovery Pack from the Nature Center and then take a walk around the pond and see what you can find!

Things to Note

  • Look for Widow Skimmers, common black and white dragonflies. They are one of 24 dragonfly species around the pond.
  • Keep an eye out for marked turtles. Marking turtles helps us understand their population and growth.
  • The straw ‘mailboxes’ on the pond are nesting structures for ducks.
  • Frogs lay eggs in masses, toads lays eggs in strings.
  • Our pond is aerated to help keep the oxygen level optimal for fish.

Pro Tips

  • Pick up a guide to common dragonflies found at the pond at the nature center front desk.
  • A fishing license is not required for kids under 15 years old.
  • Simple stick poles (line, weight, hook) work great for fishing off the bridge & shore.
  • Use a barbless hook because it’s easier to get out of the fish and your finger!

The pond was dug in 1978 after being "under the plow" from the mid-1800s through the 1960s.