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Nature Photography

Nature's seasons provide an ever changing landscape for photographers. Amateur and pros alike will enjoy the varied landscape and abundant wildlife in Quarry Hill Park. Nature Photography summer camps are popular offerings for youth grades 4-10.

Things to Note

  • There are three panoramic picture posts in the park. Try shooting a panoramic photo in every season.

Pro Tips

  • The fall aspens along the bike path make a great panoramic shot when taken from the meadow.
  • Cloudy days are great for making colors pop!
  • Go for gold! The light is golden during the first hour after sunrise and the hour before sunset. The texture of the grass, snow, rocks and sand becomes more apparent because of the sun’s low angle.
  • Get great shots of the Rochester downtown skyline from the Oak Savanna.
  • Overcast days are good for looking down at flowers and insects and shooting close ups. The lack of shadows makes colors richer, more saturated, and vibrant.

Seen through a macro lens, this is a great example of incomplete grasshopper metamorphosis.